A meditation in blackness

TEDxAuckland: Down to Earth, Sat Dec 3rd 2022 #bethere

A meditation in blackness

In the wake of George Floyd and countless other black men unable to breathe, “A Meditation in Blackness” is a powerful music and movement based performance that examines the realities, past and present of being a black man. This collaborative piece spans artistic mediums, interweaving spoken word narration with stunning visual accompaniment to muse upon the collective experiences of race, culture and belonging.

Accomplished performers Otis Donovan Herring, Fellis McGuire and Yaw Asumadu, under the directorial eye of Renée Sheridan, come together to bring the words of Dr Bayo Akomalofe to life in this performance. Their journey to mastery has seen the trio dance, play, write, act, compose, teach, choreograph and drum on various soils across the globe.

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Emergent from each of their own particular ‘loamy black soils’ - via Africa, America, the UK, three supremely talented and gifted men find themselves converging here, in the antipodean enclave, that is Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa.