A meditation in blackness

A picture of A meditation in blackness

Emergent from each of their own particular ‘loamy black soils’ - via Africa, America, the UK, three supremely talented and gifted men find themselves converging here, in the antipodean enclave, that is Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa. In a collective collaboration, inspired by the words of Bayo Akomalofe PhD.

A lauded academic, poet and philosopher, who explores the world at its ‘aleathean edges’, musing the pressing questions related to race, culture and belonging.  Through his Emergent Network, an alliance of people and initiatives have been rallied, using art, research and ritual to reframe some of the world’s interlocking social and environmental problems.

Otis Donovan Herring, Fellis McGuire and Yaw Asumadu are equally accomplished performers, with combined talents of being griots, a master drummer, dancer, writer, actor, composer, teacher, musician, choreographer.  Between them, they have danced, played music and performed with many notable peoples and companies around the globe, sharing stages and ages with the likes of Kankouran West African Dance Company, Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson, Black Grace and Angelique Kidgo.

And by the sweet grace and good fortune of Mawu, landing here, for now, blessing the shores and senses of New Zealand and her peoples, with their multiple individual creative pursuits, such as The New Telepathics, ASA! and Ozi Ozaa down under.

Tonight, they unite in African diaspora, embodying the rich and visceral text, inviting us to meditate with them, in blackness…