Between Art and Architecture

TEDxAuckland: Down to Earth, Sat Dec 3rd 2022 #bethere

Between Art and Architecture

What do you do when your two passions are at odds? Find a third.

In his talk, architect and artist Matt Liggins shares his journey of seeking happiness in between: a third space that sits in the middle of the limitless and the limited. To do so, he’ll design homes for the homeless, hand out triangles to strangers and build a skyscraper… kind of. Ultimately, he’ll find that it’s teaching that enables him to blend his two passions. As a Professional Teaching Fellow at Te Pare, The University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning, Matt has the freedom to create, critique and test his projects as if they’re in a slow cooker. It’s also in teaching that Matt has found his happiness and, more importantly, his rock.

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Matt Liggins (Ngati Ruanui) is an architect and artist whose work is held in collections around the world.