David Downs Returns To The TEDxAuckland Stage In 2018

By Ethan Alderson-Hughes - Co-Organiser of TEDxAuckland

As a platform that values the spreading of unique and new ideas, we aren’t typically keen on repeating speakers in the lineup of our annual event. So then what does it mean when a speaker from events past returns to the TEDxAuckland stage?

In 2014, Co-Founder of the Classic Comedy Club, David Downs spoke at TEDxAkl with friend and fellow CCC Co-Founder, Jon Bridges. In their talk, they challenged the established idea that New Zealand is a leading country of invention and innovation. You can watch it here for more context.

Since that talk, a lot has happened in Downs’ life, all of which has influenced this TEDxAuckland alumni to form an idea that he couldn’t have come up with prior. The kind of experiences that have made 2018’s David Downs incredibly different to the David Downs who presented on the big red dot back in 2014.

There won’t be mention of NZ’s “number 8 wire” mentality, and he won’t be joined by any comedian mates. No, this year David’s idea is exceptionally personal, and one that we feel will resonate emotionally with those who have the privilege to hear it.

Two years ago, David was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Through a series of remarkable events, he’s still around today, though modified, both philosophically and genetically.

TEDxAuckland is proud to have David back to share how his experience with cancer formed his new outlook on life, luck, and optimism. He will speak earnestly and honestly about the road that a terminal diagnosis took him down, and the treatment that saved his life.

When a new idea is offered, and we feel passionately about it, it doesn’t matter to us that the one presenting it has spoken before. What matters is that we see an idea worth spreading. David’s new idea is certainly one we feel passionate about sharing with our audience and the greater TEDx Talks community.

Catch David Downs at TEDxAuckland 2018: Off-Piste on October 13.