Vibrant flavours taking on TEDxAuckland at The Grounds

By Louis Pinker-Meihana

Suppose Fleetwood Mac was a restaurant Whoa! Studios & the grounds would be it, eclectic, vibey and chill as hell.

Ranking 10/10 on the vibes scale this establishment sits in the heart of West Auckland’s film scene. Exposed brick interior, open kitchen viewing and vintage decor give this spot a cool, cosy and sophisticated energy.

The food and drink here are unmatched fusing Kiwi-grown ingredients with some foreign flair to create some incredible and tasteful kai. Ranging from deliciously fresh and tasty Mt Cook alpine Salmon blinis, Wagyu tartare that literally melts in your mouth and absolutely divine Ahi garden grilled vegetables you can’t go wrong. These canapes and dishes will be to die for on the day.

There is a range of amazing cocktails and beverages available. If you love throwing yourself into the deep end you will love the Ruby red grapefruit americano, a tasty combo of aperitivo, vermouth, lemon and grapefruit. This refreshing drink is just what you need to compliment the delicious food and exceptional company.

Just like the restaurant, the people at this event are also open, building new connections and welcoming a variety of like-minded and positive people into one place. The intelligent and innovative speakers have done all the hard work to present their ideas to solve a problem or make the world better.

No icebreakers or introductions are needed, everyone is there to enjoy the talks, food and drinks. Let the vibrant and friendly staff with top-tier hospitality take you on a culinary adventure.