Turning disability into ability

Turning disability into ability

Paralympian gold medalist, Liam Malone believes that technological advancement and determination is the key to his success in sport and life in general. After having both legs amputated in early childhood, Liam felt like an outcast among his peers. However, with the betterment of artificial limb technology, and the advent of Running Blades, Liam found himself excelling in sporting achievement, representing New Zealand at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, and breaking records originally set by disgraced sprinter Oscar Pistorius. But what is the future of this technology? How can it be used to improve the lives of differently-abled people? And how can it be harnessed for future sporting milestones?

However, in this motivational speech, Liam does not simply credit technology for his success. He also discusses the importance of determination and ambition to achieve one’s goals. No matter who you are, this speech has the potential to motivate and inspire you to strive for success regardless of your circumstances in life. Liam is New Zealand’s blade runner. Hailing from Nelson, Liam had only been training for two years when he burst onto the track at the Rio Paralympics in 2016, winning a silver and two gold medals while smashing records in the process.

Liam was Disabled Sportsperson of the Year at the Halberg Awards this year and became a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2017. After completing a Bachelor in Marketing and International Business while training, Liam is now a sought-after keynoter and invests in startups. Now, he’s on a mission to develop hi-tech prosthetics with the aim of becoming the fastest man on earth.

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