The Future of Wood

The Future of Wood

Timber is widely considered an environmentally friendly material, so you would be surprised to hear of the toxic chemicals that New Zealand timber is predominately treated with. Upon learning that his timber product was poisoning those constructing with it, entrepreneur Daniel Gudsell began looking into a way to treat timber without harmful chemicals.

In this talk, Daniel tells the story of the future of wood; timber that is better for people and the environment. Daniel Gudsell is a founding Director of New Zealand-based Abodo Wood - the leading proponent of wood modification technology in the Southern Hemisphere. In an industry where many exterior timbers are harvested from unsustainable old growth forests, or are treated with harmful chemicals, Daniel crafts timbers with lasting beauty that is safe for people and the environment. He believes in a world where sustainable, locally grown wood products can improve our lives and New Zealand’s carbon footprint.

As a member of the International Research Group of Wood Preservation Daniel is connected with the world’s greatest minds in wood technology. Daniel has been a recipient of the Green Ribbon Award and the Sustainable Business Network awards in New Zealand, and is responsible for much of Abodo’s new market development and product design.

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