Sashaktikaran | Aaja Nachle

Sashaktikaran | Aaja Nachle

Sashaktikaran - Empowerment in Hindi, and the name of the dynamic dance performed by Aaja Nachle at TEDxAuckland 2018. The Aaja Nachle Indian dance group aim to empower Indian women through dance, combining different styles of traditional, contemporary, and Bollywood dance to tell narratives pertaining to young women discovering their independence and inner strength. Aaja Nachle is Auckland’s leading Indian dance school with 3 studios across Auckland, 200 dancers, and a team of 16 part-time staff. At TEDxAuckland 2018, they shared their love for music, dance, and culture.

As Indian kiwis, the school has a unique perspective on our culture and heritage and which is reflected in the dance classes and creative pieces. Aaja Nachle focuses on tackling issues like arranged marriages, patriarchal society, and identity loss through their dances. Run by Jignal Bhagvandas and Priyal Bhoola, two friends from high school that work full time in the health sector but come together to run the dance school in their downtime, the school really is a labour of love. The team are excited to bring to you ‘sashaktikaran’ (empowerment in hindi).

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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