Living impossibly

TEDxAuckland 2023, Sun 3rd Dec

Living impossibly

Building a global tech company from one of the most remote countries in the world is just one of the impossible things Vaughan Rowsell has achieved so far. In this talk he tells the story of three impossible people, and how one inspires him every day.

Vaughan is the CEO and Founder of Vend, maker of awesome cloud based retail software and champions for small to medium retailers worldwide. The Vend team hold 3 core values dearly to their hearts, to delight retailers, to do the impossible, and to take care of one another. Every year Vaughan personally walks the talk and does an impossible challenge whether it is cycling the length of New Zealand solo, building a $100M venture, or running 1,000 kilometers.

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entrepreneur / weirdo / technologist

Vaughan is the Founder of Vend, a cloud based retail software for small to medium retailers worldwide.