How to grow 10,000 kg of food on a ¼ acre

TEDxAuckland 2023, Sun 3rd Dec

How to grow 10,000 kg of food on a ¼ acre

On just a ¼ acre of land, Niva and Yotam are starting a regenerative revolution.

Fed up with unsustainable agricultural practices contributing to the global soil crisis, this pair went from strangers studying environmental studies to husband and wife farmers. Now, from a sloping land previously thought to only be good for sheep to graze, they are producing 10,000 kg of fresh vegetables and supporting a diverse ecosystem with their no-till and no-dig practices. In their talk, Niva and Yotam share their vision for the future of feeding the planet; one where agriculture is democratised, fresh chemical-free vegetables are accessible and future generations are nourished with sustainably-grown food.

Niva & Yotam Kay see profile...

From self-proclaimed “young and naive” environmental science students to farmers and co-founders of Pakaraka Permaculture, Niva and Yotam Kay are revolutionising food-growing practices worldwide.