Employer student: learning about business by running one

Employer student: learning about business by running one

At 16, New Zealand high school student Toby Carr had already moved on from his first business failure to found a nationwide company providing IT hardware to secondary schools and employing 17 people. Toby believes the lessons he’s learnt along the way have prepared him far more thoroughly for a career in business than years in the classroom ever could have, and passionately believes in giving young people the opportunity to learn on the real world.

Toby is an entrepreneur and change maker at his core. Since starting his first registered company aged 14, Toby has been challenging and questioning the status quo for business and education. After founding and being a part of many startups, he believes strongly in choosing your own path of purpose.

Toby trades in the Computers and Technology space with DeXTech, providing innovative and modern solutions to a variety of customers, including the education sector. A frequent speaker on business and technology.

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