Digital Me and the rise of precision medicine

Digital Me and the rise of precision medicine

Our bodies contain two terabytes of data. What if everyone involved in our healthcare – including us – could access that data and use it to make better lifestyle and treatment decisions? Precision medicine aims to answer that question and turn information into better health outcomes for everyone.

Ian began his professional career employed as a scientist writing mathematical models of the human body, before moving into the commercial world. In 1993 he founded Orion Health with a team of just four people and has grown the company to over 1,250 staff in 27 offices worldwide, enabling healthcare to more than 90 million patients worldwide.

Ian is passionate about the role that technology can play in enabling highly personalised care for individuals through the practice of precision medicine – using personal healthcare information that is captured and made available in real time. This technology will transform the practice of medicine into a mathematical science, and for a lapsed mathematician like Ian that means the health sector just got a whole lot more interesting.

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