Agile Nation: New Zealand's response to terrorism

Agile Nation: New Zealand's response to terrorism

Through the lens of the Agile methodology, software engineer, lecturer, and proud Muslim Kiwi, Dr. Rashina Hoda analyses a society’s response to the Christchurch terror attack.

Since the recording of this TEDxAuckland talk, the number of victims rose to 51. TEDxAuckland extends our condolences and aroha to all those who continue to be affected by the events of March 15, 2019. Dr Rashina Hoda is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland, whose research focuses on the human and social aspects of software engineering.

She has researched agile teams and management in industrial settings for over a decade, with over 70+ published research articles on topics such as agile transformation, self-organising teams, agile project management, customer collaboration, and more.

Rashina’s Theory of Becoming Agile received a distinguished paper award at the International Conference on Software Engineering in 2017 and her agile team transformation tool has been well received in the industry. She also created and runs the agile course at the University of Auckland.

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