Zeshan Qureshi

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Doctor / Author / Activist

Zeshan Qureshi is a children’s doctor in the UK with a mission to improve the mental health epidemic harming healthcare practitioners. As well as working at a London hospital, he engages with media, politicians, and medical students - reflecting his belief that doctors should be both treating illness and preventing illness / improving quality of care through improvement of the medical system.

He has edited nine medical textbooks and has lectured over 8, 000 students across the world over two years. He is a media and parliamentary representative of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and campaigns on issues such as newborn health, the NHS, and mental health, appearing widely in national and international news outlets. In 2016, he featured in a BBC documentary bringing mental health amongst doctors to the spotlight, and is now working with others to explore solutions for healthcare professional’s mental health crisis.