Vivien Maidaborn

A picture of Vivien Maidaborn

Vivien is the co-founder of the exciting Loomio Cooperative, an organization born from activists in the Occupy movement collaborating with Enspiral, the social enterprise network. Vivian is passionate about working with other people to find scalable solutions to the wicked problems of our time: poverty, equitable access to education, clean water, and sustainable local economies. She brings experience in decision making, social change and a depth of knowledge in organisational systems.

Vivian believes a whole new set of opportunities for the world arises from the intersection of online citizenship and democracy. Her personal mantra is that ‘a group of people with diverse experiences and perspectives will come up with solutions better than any one person ever could have’. Vivian is inquiring into the nature of collaboration, into the power of the crowd, and what invites people into engaged citizenship.