Simon Che de Boer

A picture of Simon Che de Boer

Simon Che de Boer is a virtual reality content creator, renowned photogrammetrist, and founder of - a visual effects technology company streamlining real-world encapsulation - allowing them to deliver a true sense of ‘being there’.

His work has received international recognition for the level of quality, and is commonly cited as the gold standard for photo-realistic digital-twin experiences. Forbes, NVIDIA, Autodesk and Epic Games have all featured the work of to demonstrate the potential of this new immersive medium.

Simon’s real-world digitisation of sites of cultural significance span the globe - from King Tutankhamun and Nefertari’s Tomb in Egypt, to local experiences for indigenous Māori in New Zealand, and other heritage projects such as New Zealand Parliament and the Treaty of Waitangi.

Most recently Simon has been working on bleeding-edge AI to streamline deep learning techniques and set the stage for a visual effects automation revolution. These tools will aid in the digitisation of vast sites across the globe - a means to backup our planet.