Rachel Callander

A picture of Rachel Callander

After losing her daughter Evie, who had a rare chromosome condition, award winning NZ Wedding and Portrait photographer Rachel Callander turned her talent to capturing the beauty and abilities of other children with ‘Super Powers’.

Rachel has traveled the length and breadth of NZ meeting ordinary families being made extraordinary through the journeys their children are taking them on.

As a result of her travels, Rachel’s insights and images offer a fresh understanding and language regarding disability. The stunning photographs of the children alongside the conversations with their parents are presented in the Super Power Baby Project, a photographic art book due for launch in August 2014.

The Super Power Baby Project is a life affirming work. It does not shy from the notion that genetic syndromes bring with them their share of challenge, grief and difficulty. The strong message is though that there is much that lies beyond that. Rachel demonstrates that these children have much to teach us about themselves and ourselves, which is to be celebrated as truly exceptional.