Pete Ceglinski

A picture of Pete Ceglinski

Surfer / Environmentalist / Eco-preneur


Pete Ceglinski, the Aussie surfer who in 2015 successfully crowdfunded an invention designed to rid our waterways of rubbish. The Seabin Project went viral and has quickly become one of the most environmentally promising ways of turning the tide in our planet’s war against plastics.


It’s a rubbish bin that lives in the water of marinas and collects floating plastics, bottles, bags, oil, fuel and micro-plastics down to 2mm in size.


Right now our business activities are 50% for profit and 50% not for profit. The reason for this is that we are in a unique situation where we have innovative technology to capture debris efficiently, but at the end of the day, Seabin’s are not the solution. Education, Science, Research and Community is the real solution, and so we have built this into our business model with growing success.