Muskan Devta

A picture of Muskan Devta

Muskan Devta is a bright, bubbly, and brave fourteen-year-old who has achieved much in her short life. Muskan was born with a medical condition called partial hemiplegia. Her right side is weaker than her left and for 13 years she had to wear a brace to keep her foot straight. Being a special needs child gave her a lot of challenges, but Muskan proved that she could overcome them by focusing on the positives.

Coming to New Zealand at age 4, Muskan is currently a student of Westlake Girls High School. She has been an radio host, column writer and author of two books, including her autobiography written to raise funds for Starship Hospital; the book ‘I Dream’ is now part of her school’s Year 9 curriculum. With the support of her family, school, and hospital, Muskan is very successful today. She is on a journey to make people realise that being a child with a disability does not mean you are different.