Lizzie Marvelly

A picture of Lizzie Marvelly

musician / writer / organiser

While Lizzie Marvelly traverses many diverse paths, her journey started with her love for music. Discovered by Frankie Stevens and her famous uncle, Sir Howard Morrison, in her early teens, Lizzie was on the road at age 16 - since then her musical life has been a wild ride.

In May 2015, Lizzie launched, an online media project aiming to create smart, ‘no-filter’ media for young women. Villainesse is on a mission to empower young women and to hear more young female voices represented in the media.

Later that year, Lizzie launched Villainesse’s first major campaign, the globally-successful #MyBodyMyTerms. The #MyBodyMyTerms videos have been viewed over 450,000 times and aimed to spark conversation about victim-blaming, revenge porn, consent and sexual violence.