TEDxAuckland together, June 8th 2022 #bethere

Kate Meyer

Kate is a sustainability scientist, an engineer, and an author with a vision for a world where people flourish within the planet’s limits. During her early career, Kate led the sustainable design for many award-winning developments in NZ, Australia, and Singapore. During this time Kate noticed a large gap between the science of sustainability and business and government policies and approach. She shifted her focus to look at how to address this – the result was Planetary Accounting. Kate is the Founding Director of the Planetary Accounting Network, a charitable trust that helps people, businesses, and governments to operate within the planet’s limits. She is also the Business Director for Sustainability at Beca - leading their efforts to positively impact community, economic, and environmental outcomes across all the geographies they touch. Kate has two young children and loves to spend time outdoors with her family, hiking, biking, skiing, camping, and exploring.