Jess Quinn

A picture of Jess Quinn

Storyteller / Life-Liver / Survivor

Jess Quinn has a passion for helping people overcome adversity and insecurity using her own experiences. Since losing her right leg to cancer at the age of 9, Jess has refused to let that stand in her way of living life to its fullest with a core passion for helping others overcome their physical and mental setbacks along the way.

Jess has developed an social media following of 180,000+ followers by speaking of her journey in a raw, honest way. Having just placed third on Dancing with the Stars NZ and signing with a LA based modelling agency, Jess has turned her adversity into a career of helping others push through life’s triumphs and continuing to lead by example by taking all challenges that come her way.

As one of New Zealand’s most engaged personalities on social media, Jess connects with thousands of people each day to help inspire their own journey.

Jess is currently on a mission to bringing awareness to image retouching in the advertising industry and why we are chasing an unachievable and unrealistic idea of perfection both as a model and advocate.