Dallas Abel

Dallas Abel is the Project Manager of The Kai Ika Project, a non-profit initiative that recovers previously unwanted fish parts and shares them with people who truly appreciate these delicacies.

As an ex-Fisheries Observer with the Ministry for Primary Industries, he has seen first hand the result of fisheries mismanagement. This experience, along with his background in Marine Science, motivated Dallas to pursue a career in fisheries advocacy and public awareness with LegaSea.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and educating people on how they might contribute to restoring the abundance of our inshore marine environment. With Kai Ika he is able to be the positive influence needed to help people better respect and utilise the fish we are taking, fostering improved behaviours that will allow us to take less.

Dallas loves everything about fishing and spearfishing, from being able to hunt and gather for his young family to simply observing a fish in its natural environment. He believes restoring marine abundance starts with public awareness and not being afraid to challenge the status quo.