Chris Smith

A picture of Chris Smith

Chris is an experienced banking executive, spanning nearly 20 years in both the UK and New Zealand markets, with a strong Product and Finance background.

Chris gained significant executive experience leading the banking sector through the GFC and the subsequent regulatory framework shake-up in the UK market. Before departing the UK, Chris became an active commentator in the UK financial media on topics related to Housing.

Now in NZ, Chris has spent the past four years working within the NZ banks to understand the similarities and differences of the UK/NZ market. Now Chris is establishing a new banking model, developing a Fintech within a major NZ bank with the following core purpose;

1. Spend every minute of every day solving important customer problems.

2. Reinvent banking, by disrupting existing core banking products and services.

3. The Start-up and the Incumbent rolled into one – delivering better and faster outcomes for more customers.