Cassie Roma

A picture of Cassie Roma

Cassie is truly one of a kind as a woman in tech and leadership. She has been awarded & recognised globally as a thought leader in the field of digital marketing, and the economy of influence. A majority of her time has been steering the ‘social media & digital storytelling ship’ for global & APAC brands like Air New Zealand, ANZ Bank, Mighty River Power, The Warehouse Group & NZME.

Cassie is a Californian native and after 16 years in New Zealand, a proud YanKiwi, working to drive creativity in content, increase the positive impact of social media across channels, and teach brands how to scale their messages contextually. She is an evangelist for ensuring a strong purpose is at the heart of all of our work days – no matter what we do.

Cassie’s main professional goal? Delivering results while having fun doing it. By embracing change, actively driving innovation, growing positive community engagement, and deepening customer service standards. She has truly cut her teeth on the cutting edge.