Auckland Puppy Rescue - A Puppy-Playpen at TEDxAuckland 2018

By Ethan Alderson-Hughes - Co-Organiser of TEDxAuckland

We have some ideas about where you’ll be between speaker sessions at this year’s TEDxAuckland. We’re guessing you’ll be at the puppy-playpen, meeting a handful of playful puppies who will be there from 9 till 4.

Rocky, Kit, Chichi, Frank, Wha, and two tiny 8-week-old pups will be waiting to chew off your aglets and smother you with puppy kisses that will make leaving the Auckland Puppy Rescue (APR) set-up emotionally taxing for you.

These puppies didn’t get the easiest start in life, but thanks to APR, they have been given a fighting chance to find a place to call home.

If a bond is formed with one of the pups at the event, you don’t have to say goodbye. All of them are available for adoption. You’ll get to meet APR adoptions coordinator Suzie Jones, and talk more about the adoption process. You’ll also be able to sign up to the team of fosterers, to care for multiple pups for a short period of time, giving them a safe place to stay while a home is still being found for them.

Auckland Puppy Rescue is an organisation that truly cares for the welfare of the animals they save. They aren’t only finding these puppies loving families to be a part of, they’re also running a programme that helps fund the desexing of dogs, so that fewer are being born outside of the care that is needed.

Prove to these puppies that humans aren’t all bad at TEDxAuckland 2018: Off-Piste this Saturday.  

You can read more about the amazing work Auckland Puppy Rescue does here.

Image by John Murray