A Kaitiaki is a guardian, trustee or patron of an area or resource. Being a Kaitiaki of TEDxAuckland would mean you would be supporting the programme and mission.

Why a patron programme?

Community Engagement
Foster deeper connections with our Community by having more Community events and involving them in our mission.
Amplified Impact
Empower speakers and ideas to reach a wider audience and drive positive change.
Sustainable Funding
Establish a reliable source of income to ensure the continuity and growth of TEDxAuckland events.

Benefits for patrons

Exclusive Access
  • Discount codes for event tickets, providing patrons with special access to our thought-provoking events.
  • Complimentary tickets to select TEDxAuckland events, offering unique experiences to our patrons.
Networking Opportunities
  • Invitations to exclusive kaitiaki-only events, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals and speakers.
  • Access to a dedicated online community, fostering discussions and collaborations around TEDxAuckland's themes and ideas.
  • Invitations to the TEDxAuckland Community events. These gatherings started off with Speakers wanting to catch up with each other and the crew after the event. For Speakers, Crew, Sponsors and Patrons to reconnect or connect and to be around a diverse group of forward thinking doers.
  • Invitation to the special TEDxAuckland Dinner Series.
Recognition & Visibility
  • Feature in the TEDxAuckland Kaitiaki Programme, on our website, event collateral and any other opportunities that arise.
  • Custom badge for your websites and channels, highlighting your patronage.
  • Opportunity to showcase your commitment to social impact and innovation to our diverse audience.
You are not just a Patron, you are part of the group that will help steer TEDxAuckland moving forward.

Join our Kaitiaki Programme, EMAIL thomas @tedxauckland .com