Photographer: Georgia Schofield

Photographer: Cameron Sims

This year, TEDxAuckland is going to be a little different. We’ll be curating ideas for a global audience; global in their diversity, expertise and residence. Say hello to TEDxAuckland 2016!

Our Theme this year is: flipside
– The perspective you get from seeing an old problem in a new way.
– Turning hierarchies on their head and putting ideas ahead of ideology.
– Sidestepping power structures, gender, race and geography.
– Stepping outside your workplace, your country and even your hemisphere to connect with a community of speakers, delegates and partners united by a healthy disrespect for business as usual.

The years event will feature ideas and talks from amazing people changing the world. We’ll be matching the diversity of ideas with an equally diverse audience, you!

TEDxAuckland 2016: flipside will feature two days of talks, events, activities and social time. This year we’re in a smaller venue than previous years in order to provide the hosting, break out spaces and food and beverage side you deserve.

Thursday 5th, DAY ONE: 3pm – 9pm
Session One, 3pm Start
Barbara Breen
Ian McCrae
Lizzie Marvelly
Jayne Bailey
Cori Gonzalez-Macuer
Break (Snacks & Drinks)
Session Two
Adrien Taylor
Mike Moka
Anna Coddington
Toby Carr
Break (Food Trucks)
Session Three
Ali Mau
James Bergin
Vaughan Rowsell
Grace & Solonia
Jess Holly Bates
9:00pm – 10:00pm (hang around if you want too)

Friday 6th, DAY TWO: 9am – 3pm
Session Four 9am Start
Samuel Gibson
Georgia Lala
Richard Aston
Pani Farvid
Sharad Paul
Break: (Coffee, Snacks & Drinks)
Session Five
Minnie Barragwanath
Joseph Driessen
Richard Little
David Harvey
Matt Shirtcliffe
Break: (Coffee, Snacks & Drinks)
Session Six
Keith Ng
Megan May
Rory Styen
Modern Māori Quartet
3pm – 5pm flipside Long Lunch
After Party: Crew Club, 5pm – Late